Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Local Magazines

I swear, my favourite local magazine hates my guts. Its price keeps jacking up!

A month ago an issue of Her World cost $6 and today it costs $7! Infuriating! I hope it stops there or I shall stop patronising it and buy Style or Elle more regularly. Well, ok fine, not really.

I suppose I did see it coming. As compared to other magazines it is much more comprehensive. And thicker as well.

Yes indeed I think that Her World is the best local magazine to get the best fashion scoops. Second to that would be, well, Style and Elle.

Occasionally I enjoy perusing Seventeen, for light reads. Their fashion spreads are not always as exciting but sometimes they work.

Cleo, I avoid. Fashion-wise it lacks miserably and it just... bores the hell out of me. I buy it now and 10 minutes later I'm done with the magazine. I've always thought of Cleo's readers as seventeen-year-olds who think they're grown up.

I haven't gotten around to reading Harper's Bazaar yet... I'll buy that next.

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