Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Great Singapore Sale

I know it's getting annoying because my current posts do not have photos, but this is the one article that cannot wait till later!

Great Singapore Sale will start on the 27th this month and its already the 24th! Although other places have already started.

Anyway, here's some very helpful tips to garner the best GSS shopping experience. Some I gathered from articles, others I came up by myself.

1) Very important: Do not shop for a whole month so that you can blow the money off during GSS! Though I know that's a bit too late now, even for me, heh.

2) Wear easy-to-take-off clothes because you will very probably be trying out more than a couple of outfits.

Button blouses are the best, or if you're really aiming for hassle-free comfort, a zip-up cardigan with nothing inside!

Bottom-wise, stick to skirts than pants.

3) Wear flat slip-ons! The feet will tire from all that walking/running/competing. They're also easy to take off for when you try those cute, ultra cheap shoes.

4) Go crazy the first few days of GSS, to get the best pieces in your SIZE. During the middle slow down a little. The last few days are fun, the prices really slashes but the downside is that there are hardly any sizes, of course.

5) Carry a large tote bag. It has to have enough space to stuff in your shopping bags and free the hands for more shopping. Anyway ugly shopping bags are rampant during sale season.

Use a TOTE bag please, while it has enough space it is also flat, so you won't annoy other shoppers. You need space to maneuvre your way through the crowd so bulky is a big no-no.

6) Shop early when the shops just open and during the afternoons. Go in the evening, and you stand to face the fierce crowds. Weekdays are always more tolerable than weekends, of course.[I recommend skipping school or work, heee]

7) A lot of the articles that I read said to carry a bottle of water because apparently shopping during GSS will leave you dehydrated.

I say: carry a bottle of water because its good to drink water all the time. But if you feel thirsty or "dehydrated" during GSS, then simply stop for a while, take a seat, and have a nice cup of latte.

8) Have your measurements in mind. That way, should they disallow the trying on of clothes, then at least you can take its measurement. So yes, bring along a measuring tape as well.

9) If you like it, BUY IT. It's on sale, what more do you need?!

10) Shop with girlfriends! Because its more fun! And they can stand in line at the dressing rooms while you grab every garment in sight, heh. Never bring the boyfriend/husband though, unless you can stand incessant whining and guilt trips.

Take note also that there are pre-GSS sales, as well as post-GSS sales.

I think that's sufficient.

Shop smart, my pretties.

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