Thursday, January 25, 2007

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I was tagged by Ma Petite Chou so here goes.

1) On ugly days, I put on glasses, have my hair up in a bun, and I wear any zip-up jacket I manage to pull out with only a bra underneath.

2) MORE CLOTHES! Ok, that's not really a secret is it.

Ooh, I know. I really, really need to organise my wardrobe.

I have a lot of clothes that I've forgotten about, and a lot of handwash-only clothes to work on. Actually my room's kind of dark, so it's hard to really see the wardrobe in all its glory.

Which reminds me, my accesories are a complete MESS. I'm still deciding whether I want to use bowls or covered containers to store them.

Visit to IKEA soon?

3) I harbour a secret crush on Angelina Jolie. Meh, I bet everyone does actually.

My fashion crushes though includes everyone from Facehunter, and The Sartorialist. Or those from any other street style sites really.

Gorgeous photography and Street rules.

Celebrity-wise... Honestly, I don't really pay attention to celebrity wear unless it's bad.

3) I wish I could play the guitar, the piano, the drums, the bass, the violin, the turntables, the flute and every other musical instrument there is - not including the recorder. Hell, all I do now is sing like it's a big deal.

4) Unlike most people, I work better with restrictions. Sometimes I think I work better alone, other times I am thankful I work in a group. Maybe it's who you work with that counts.

5) I know I'm a really terrible cook, but I keep trying anyway. Today I attempted tom yam scramble eggs.

Note: a really, really, terrible cook.

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