Sunday, January 07, 2007

Half-calfs are some cruel stuff.

And so I'm back!

I am beginning to really hate cropped leggings. Everytime I see teenage girls and sometimes even middle-aged women [egad] wearing leggings, I CRINGE. It hurts even more when these leggings have funny ends, like lace or stringy things.

You'd be surprise at the magnitude of locals who choose to stick half calfs under everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Skirts, short dresses, dresses that go below the knees, shorts, hell with nothing sometimes.

I understand the tendency to follow what everyone else is putting underneath their dresses, but please, NOT half-calfs. They cut your calfs in half and make you look more stout and short. Actually usually the overwhelming ugly will make me cringe until my eyes shut so I can't really notice that they do.

Suprisingly, I'm ok with full-length leggings. I even find stirrups cool in an 80s sort of way.

I'd totally wear this for days when I feel like prancing around wailing "Remember my name! FAME!!!"

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