Thursday, January 25, 2007

Affordable boots galore.

There weren't any good sprees recently so I my shopping has been pretty dry.

So far for the month all I've got for myself is a yellow skirt. Which should be cool, since I've been wanting to get something yellow.

Until I found a yellow skirt with retro prints in my closet that I forgot all about. Bah.

Right, anyway, point of this entry are these boots. I dont own any pair of boots, but I do know boots don't come this cheap. seem to have a lot of pretty shoes at very affordable prices, and fellow friends who are big shoe fans say the shoes are very comfortable too.

These look fabulous, I don't usually go for brown, but this brown looks luxurious.
Love the heels, the pointy front and the length.
They look like over-the-knees eh?

I've always loved suede material, but am a bit cautious in wearing them because I don't want to look like a duvet, but they're almost foolproof on boots and in black.

Military-style platform boots with chunk heels couldn't sound any tackier, but these look great.

If you like these *shudder* ankle boots - I recall seeing them being called booties, now why would you waste such a cute name - then they're the cheapest at USD$ 9.99.

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