Friday, January 12, 2007

BadAss Chic

I just had a crazy project all-nighter and am very woozy, disoriented, skiving classes, not caring, but happy nonetheless because it's one less burden off the shoulders.

Just one picture for you to ponder on before I let my poor laptop [and my head] rest.

She is one wicked cool chick.

Ooh, wait a minute, there's another one.


Damn. Now I want to don a mysteriously cute hoodie trench and subtly accessorise in acid colours.


Ed said...

hi I been out all weekend will link you tonight after work.

Moi said...

Wow those bright green shoes on the girl are fab! I'd never dare get a pair myself

shophappy said...

So cool! That first girl looks like she's about to kick someone's ass!

Moi said...

P.s. you've been tagged ;)

Hannah said...

I am in loooooove with that Miu Miu lookalike bag!!!!! Please contact me on how I can get it! email: