Sunday, January 07, 2007

Of Flat Boots and Chuck Taylor's.

I want to get some footwear!

Boots with heels in sunny Singapore just feels pretentious, so I am loving boots with... no heels. Yeah yeah, clever much.

Engineer Slouch Boot

Cooler in an understated way.

Engineer Lace Up Boot

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes
Boot with Buttons up Side

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Marc Jacobs' shoes from lucky people who live in places that have winter.

If I don't get boots, then at least I want high-cut Chuck Taylor's. I don't wear sneakers very much, but somehow not owning a pair of Chuck Taylor's seems ridiculous.

So. If I hsve to get a pair, I'm getting a pair of awesome high-cuts! They're almost like boots. Heh.

Chuck Taylor® All Star® Black Unisex

Yes, I want it in black because I love black. Hmph.

FINE. If there's one in hot pink or some wicked cool design I'll get those instead, OK?

One more thing.


Paul & Joe
Short Boot with Tie in Back

This Proenza Schouler look rocked the boots, but I have not seen anyone who could pull it off in real life.

They always end up looking like they're trying too hard or *fatter*.

Off to bed!


Ed said...

I love the frye lace up boots - great style

Ed said...

I have 2 blogs and because one is a blogger your site wont let me put my
fashion site on with my wordpress details any way love your blog.

Moi said...

Love the lace up boot!

My thought exactly on ankle boots. They make normal women's legs look short and stubby.