Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Animal Prints.. again.

I know you're probably sick of this but it shall be screamed into your faces one more time... ANIMAL PRINTS!!!

I don't cower in fear of it, but I wouldn't be one to wear animal prints. The key to wearing animal prints really is subtlety. Too much of it is overkill and makes the whole outfit look plain tacky.

If I get sucked into wearing animal prints then I would stick to having animal prints on my shoes, and my tiny clutches.

Vicky, darling, cute tube top, really, but why'd you have to ruin it by having reptile skin on the pockets of your cheap-looking mini?

There we go, much better. A leopard-print clutch says more.

Or have them on shoes like Nicole Richie here. How about animal prints in other colours beside the classic tan? I kinda like the pink ones and giraffe prints are pretty cute.

Accessories would work too. I like this scarf.

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