Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shopping trip!

I'm in a bit of frizz now because I have some chalet business to worry about. We couldn't re-schedule it nor cancel it so we have no choice but to go. But never mind, we'll just have to make full use of it. Now I'll have to plan what to bring and wear.

Haven't been able to look fashionable, so by golly I will look fashionable no matter what occasion! HMPH.

I brought my mum out for shopping yesterday! We went crazy for bags. A total of 3 bags, for only $150! And two of them were leather!!!! LEATHER!!! What a bargain.
St. Louis at #02-332C Marina Square is having a 40% storewide offer.

If you don't really fancy their bags then go into the shop after it, Hansa Jaeger, they're having 20% off. From outside it looks quite chi-chi, but the prices of their bags are affordable.
Hansa Jaeger #02-332B Marina Square

I also got myself 2 pairs of girl boxers from Topshop, and the Devil wears Prada book that I'll read only after I watch the movie. It's on 20% discount at MPH so of course I had to buy it. I mean, get my mum to buy it, heh.
Other books available at MPH at Citylink Mall going for 20% as well.
Topshop/Topman #02-109 to 114 Marina Square

My mum wanted to get shoes as well and we stopped at Charles and Keith. Too bad they didn't have her size but they were having up to 50% discount on most shoes.
Charles and Keith #02-108 Marina Square

She did manage to find a nicer pair at U.R.S & Inc. They have no discounts, but their latest shoe collection is much more prettiful. I have my eye on a pair of espadrilles...
U.R.S & Inc #02-333 Marina Square

Oh yes, on Friday I went back to Bugis to buy the shades, but guess what?! Both the aviators and the animal print one were sold out!!! Of all the sunglasses and of all the shops in that huge shopping place, why'd mine had to be sold out!??!!! The same thing happened to the "Michael Jackson" aviators! And in just 2 days too! And they weren't all that gorgeous too. They're normal, with that extra something that suit my liking.

Unbelievable. I swear there's a conspiracy going on. Or maybe someone was stalking me. And they bought anything I touched, yes, yes.....

Bah. At least EXAMS ARE OVER! Woo hoo!

And next time, seriously, if I love, I buy immediately.

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