Saturday, August 12, 2006

I want: Arm warmers

I knew I wanted arm warmers the moment I saw this:

It's a photoshoot by Style magazine for homegrown label alldressedup latest collection.

I love love love the dress, but I stared longer for the arm warmers. Ok fine, they're really gloves but the other photos had arm warmers. I would scan those in as well but my computer's a little wonky at the moment and I don't wish to trigger something.

It's tough enough to get decent gloves in all-year summer Singapore, what more arm warmers. But I did encounter this US site, Sock Dreams, that offers international shipping :)

Long black cotton arm warmers that can ruch, yay! Looks mighty comfortable to me and slouchy cool to me...

They even have satin gloves! Hot red ones at that! Phwoar!

What if I cut off the ends of socks?

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