Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crocs Prima

For a while Crocs have formed a bad image in my mind because there is just so so many people walking around with fake crocs.

I love them for being so confortable but I can't bear using them fearing that an old uncle across me is wearing the fake ones.

But I am slowly gaining my love for crocs again because they have gone very pretty! Yes!

I've been waiting for a less bulky ultra pretty, very wearable one and boy did they finally step up.

Check the Crocs Prima.
Ballet-inspired prima is slip-resistant anti-microbial, odor resistant and has non-marking soles. It's made with the same croslite the other Crocs are made of, so you'll still walk on clouds.

I like that they're ballet slip-ons, and we all know I love ballet flats. I can wear them anywhere, rain or shine. Especially useful on travels! Yay!

I'm torn between the black, the pink and the gold ones... Hmm.

They cost a reasonable SGD$47.20 with GST.

1 comment:

irenev said...

Gosh, I so want them. Where did you buy them?