Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aviators or animal-print...

I'm in a bit of a fix. I went down to Bugis Village yesterday with the intention of buying very cool-looking, what my friend described as "Michael Jackson" aviators I saw ages ago. Unfortunately it wasn't there anymore.

I tried the rest, but they were either too small, or they just look so.. not-cool. Unhappy, I looked at other shades I could buy instead to compensate. And I did found a nice pair, very chic animal print ones.

The next place I tried had decent aviators, similar to the "Michael Jackson" ones, and now I'm spoilt for choice, fortunately or otherwise.

Except with those silver reflective lenses you see on police dudes.
Wish I could afford these Valentino's though.
Except more bug-eyed than retro.

Or I could just buy both, they're cheap :)


the evil queen said...
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the evil queen said...

In reference to the second pair of sunglasses in the picture- the color is not an animal print, they are referred to as faux tortoise shell. The color is as classic as black. The tilted lenses are called cats eyes. i think the shape you want are regular over-sized ovals.

Oakleys and Ray-ban have over-sized aviators, in case you are still looking for a pair.