Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ladies and their Dresses and Bikes

I've been looking around for the perfect sun dress lately. It has to be floaty, non-restrictive, and I want mine in happy hues.

When people ask what it's for, I tell them I want to ride a bike in it. And their initial reaction were all the same - of incredulity.

Darlings, these pictures from TheSartorialist will explain everything.

I just have to love the sexy red dress, aviator shades, and fuss-free hair.

Very nicely done high-low. The dress, the sneakers, and the LV bag.

How it's even possible that she could still look so comfortably sophisticated riding a bike in that fitting suit dress is beyond me.

Now I really want a bike license.

Do a double take not-as-pretties, the back's as good as the front. Taa~

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