Thursday, July 27, 2006

CDG Guerilla Store Installment: 3

By the end of July, the third Commes Des Garcons guerilla installment in Singapore will open. This time round, it will open at the not very trendy heartland of Bukit Merah.

The CDG geurilla store was first set up at Chinatown and the contract ended a year later. When CDG re-launched itself at its second installment at Haji Lane, the place soon became the place for boutiques to be, hence upping its glam factor.

But then again, Haji Lane is very very different from Bukit Merah.

Whatever happens though, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be so detrimental for the store. It is after all doing something only CDG can pull off. So yes, looking forward to how this one will turn out.

The Commes Des Garcons Guerilla Store
Block 113, #01-540 Bukit Merah View
Tel: 63233202


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