Saturday, July 15, 2006

I dress: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Ok ok, so Maggie Gyllenhaal can be a style icon after all. I don't always approve of her dressing choices, but I applaude her for looking comfortably and stylishly different yet classy everytime.

Which is why I shall do my first dress the celeb feature on her. She loves her basic colours and knee-length dresses.

These are the couture that I thought would look good on her, or at least what I'd like to see her in.

Jean Paul Gaultier

This would be the LBD for her. It has just the right amount of movement and flow and is of the perfect length.


Young, cute, classy, quirky spells Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Christian Dior

I've seen her deviate to bright colours once in a while and I could imagine her very clearly in this. She would look great in drapes, and this shapeless number would do just fine. Though I would personally hold back on the plumage.

Elie Saab

I've not come across any photos of Maggie in a pencil skirt, so I'd like to see her in one.
She's not one to bask in luxury also I realise, but this dress is every bit glamourous from the satin to the bling.
Look rich for once please, Maggie?

Christian Lacroix

A little vividness wouldn't hurt the little black dress.

Elie Saab

This gown has just the right amount of bling for Maggie. She had it on her hips last Academy Awards, this time she'd do well having it on her waist.


Is she still pregnant? Because if she still is, she can get away with this unforgiving dress.

I still don't get poufy dresses.

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