Saturday, July 15, 2006

The YSL Serpentine Party 06

The Serpentine Party 2006 was apparently the party of the year. Since everyone else's talking about it, so will I. The party had some pink theme going on. It was co-hosted by YSL, so obviously a lot of people donned YSL outfits.

It's not bad but it's not good either. I've always thought Diane Kruger needs a stylist, or hire a new one.

Apparently her name is Tracey Emin. I know nuts about her but this is still quite embarassing.

The pregnant Linda Evangelista looks exceptionally radiant, of course.
I wonder if people dare throw insults at pregnant women...
Seriously though, I think she looks great. The cuffed neck, the gorgeous pattern at the bust, and the colour combo. Navy and gold really works, doesn't it?

I'm having mixed feelings about Mischa Barton and her dress/pants thing.
Hate the accessories, hate that the dress looks 2 sizes too big.
But I do like the colour and her overall look didn't burn the eyes.
Ah well, she's young and stick thin, so she can go crazy with whatever she wants to wear.

Now this is what I'd call summer glam. Elle Macpherson looks fabulous. I love that she pairs her dress with flat sandals.
The aviators, nice touch. I want to get myself aviators. Told ya they'd match anything. ANYTHING.

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art inquisitor said...

Tracey Emin has made her art career out of revealing embassing things about herself - see here: