Sunday, July 23, 2006

galliano - the cutting-edge collection

Heads up, style mavens. The next couple of weeks I'll be very busy with school projects and tests. So my posts will be quite scant - a whole bunch of photos and barely any words. Which I know you're fine with because who cares for words! Right back to the post!

John Galliano introduces a new alternative to his line, galliano. According to, the collection "is aimed at chicks who have the will but not the way to wear his more expensive main collection". It's very rock n roll girl band.

So far I am loving it.

Don't we just love the androgynous look?

Empire dresses - loves it.

The mini and the leather jacket always spell rock n roll.

I covet this item: a T-shirt adorned with a print of the blond John Galliano himself.
Very cool.

Perhaps I would've failed my music history but did rock n roll queens perform in disco dancewear?
Don't know, who cares, looks awesome anyway.

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