Friday, April 06, 2007

Shady business

Happy Easter!

Shades shopping is a bit of a chore for me because my bridgeless nose makes a lot of shades rest on my cheeks instead. However if it looks pretty damn good then to hell with comfort, I'm wearing the shades.

Which brings us to today's post, sunglasses from Fred Flare! I wonder who actually uses the word "sunglasses" nowadays. Anyway.

I am loving all their shades! I really mean ALL of them.

I am fighting every ounce of shopper's instinct in my body to not get them because I am saving up for another spree a friend's organizing soon. They are pretty affordable at USD$9. Plus shipping and stuff, about SGD$20?

Jackie O sunglasses

doctor octagon sunglasses

heart sunglasses

Actually, you know what, it's good then I can't spare some cash to get them. It would break my heart to choose which one to get x_x

I'm really tired. Night.

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