Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guess Summer bags

I've always associated Guess with being, very loud, maybe even slutty. Subtlety is NOT their trademark at all.

Their handbags at most times just overuse designs and plonk everything nice onto one bag, thus making the end product trashy looking.

Which is why sometimes I do wonder at my fascination and constant attraction to want to look at their bag collection everytime I walk near one.

But hey, occasionally they do do good also, such as with this bag:

Perhaps it's my girly instinct to embrace anything in pink, perhaps I just like the fact that it's a straw bag because I currently do not own a nice straw bag.

But yes, I love this bag and I wouldn't mind having this as a nice school bag.

This one almost made it into the ugly list because of the match of animal print, pucci-like inner print and the scarf, but the straw bag somehow saves it.

Remember how I mentioned before that I'm not that big of a bag person? Yeah, well, now I'm thinking I am :).


Moi said...

Ooh I haven't seen these straw bags yet. The pink one's cute.

basanty said...

ooh its gergious I want to buy it how much is it please and where I could found it?

Tonya Thomas said...

Were do I purchase the pink straw guess handbag?