Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yaaaay wetseal!

I think my updates are going to be more sparse than usual because the laptop is being serviced.

I'm using my big ass old bulky desktop computer that can't play music because I can't be bothered to extract it's bigger ass sound system from the crevasses of my storeroom. Also, besides being 800x600 the screen is distorting what comes out making reading tiny texts a pain.

Anyway, I finally went for it and got stuff from Wetseal! Never mind that I now have no transport money, at least I'm getting clothes in one whole looong month's time. I love being young, I'm suppose to do stupid things.

If like me you're also a sale lover, a lot of sale items have been reduced further, go check it out :)

If you read this humble blog of mine regularly then I suppose you can already guess what I bought.

It's so funny that I've spreed quite a bit yet I haven't shared my purchases in this blog, have I? Hmm. Eh well, can't upload photos at the moment anyway.

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