Monday, November 13, 2006

Toys tweens love


No, I did not just claim world domination in some other-worldly language, PYAGU is the name of this penguin-shaped water dispenser thingy.

I know for the life of me that I'd never purchase this because 1) i can't keep track of my 8 glasses by using an actual glass, 2) i have no space in the house - it's cute so it can't just be left anywhere right, 3) it's not like it has a filtration system or anything.

And yet, I stop to stare everytime I walk past a Action City Stores evrywhere. It is taunting me. Now it even comes in PINK. Good Lord.

I need something else cuter more worthy of my shopping stare time.

A Blythe, perhaps from that wicked cool toy store at Wheelock Place? *drools*

I should be studying.

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