Monday, November 20, 2006

Celebrity Urban Hiphop Wear


I just did a whole entry and then Firefox had to screw up. BPLFT.

*sigh* I'll cut to the chase.

Harajuku Lovers - Gwen Stefani

I can't stop yodelling to that new song of hers.

I love that woman, I love her adorable baby, and I love her super kawaii urbanwear label. I even love those annoying Harajuku girls gimmick.

Rockin kawaii tribute to Japan.

Baby Phat - Kimora Lee Simmons

Glam hip-hop, though I thought her accesories was always more exciting.

You try putting a cat figure on a shirt and see if it doesn't look cheap.

JLO - Jennifer Lopez

I personally don't like JLo because... well I just don't. But fine, I will painfully admit that her high fashion label Sweetface does sort of have nice stuff.

Her streetwear label, JLO, is by far the most trend-driven.

Apple Bottoms - Nelly

It's getting hot in herre!

What? Don't lie and say you don't say that line everytime you hear his name,

I love how the cute apple in the middle of the boob totally offsets the sexy top.
Brandwhoring shirts!

You can find everything you see here at

I feel a little woozy. Goodnight.

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