Saturday, November 18, 2006

Re-create: Marc Jacobs SS07

I miss high fashion!

Right. So one of my favourite looks for SS07 is Marc Jacobs' cool chic look:

Casual dress + hip belt/wicked cool pouch + sneakers = Absolute cool in chic.

Because I am currently browsing a spree opening for, let's use whatever they have at the clearance section to attempt to recreate the look.

Lace Trim Antique Dress

Pepe Jeans Rosalita Dress

T Bar Croc Hip Belt

Canvas Baseball Boot

If I'm missing an uber cool waist pouch, throw in an oversized bag for good measure!

I love Clearance pages. And I love Browsing through their regular items are giving me the shopping jitters.

Online shopping is crazy fun, but I do real proper shopping as well, like I did today. It's been a long, tiring day of this real proper shopping, so I'm off to bed now :)

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