Saturday, November 11, 2006

SPREE shopping!

I used to window web shop at US and UK shopping sites with nary the intention to actually buy something because with the addition of shipping prices and taxes I might as well sell my kidney for a decent top.

However, I have recently been exposed to a whole world of SPREE shopping! A bunch of us desperate Singaporeans buying stuff together and sharing the cost of shipping and taxes, genius.

The easiest way to search for sprees are from forums or just type keyword "spree" at yahoo auctions or ebay.

I also realise that the first thing people head to would be the clearance page, heh.

Each of these pieces are going for less than $20. I'd get them if I wasn't so broke.
Bandeau Maxi Dress - which I've come to learn is basically a long dress in UK lingo.
A vest is a tank top.

Halter Dress

Twist Neck Backless top
They always have interesting tops which has twists, cut outs, scoops, anything. And they never look crude.

Scoop back top - I've been looking for this everwhere. I wanted to get ballerina tops that have the sexy scoop at the back, but I couldn't find them.
Coolest wrap ever. I love love love the hood.

Gorgeous platforms.

All these pieces for less than US$20 each!

Now I'm feeling more dejected than usual because I've had to search for nice things to put in here and now I want them :( Get un-broke now please........

Other websites for you to check out and organise your own sprees would be Victoria's Secret, GAP, Mandee, Alloy, Delias, Old Navy.


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