Thursday, November 27, 2008

OOTD: The Maxi Please-Don't-Step-On-It Dress.

The past 1 1/2 weeks I was holed up in my room working on back-to-back end semestral projects, very rarely sleeping before 5am, waking up by ten and repeating the whole process of staring into the laptop.

But I was not miserable because the one single day that I took a break of doing nothing school-related and making myself all pretty was the best EVER for a long long time :).

I also now smell like Gwen Stefani. Mommy is the best. Best friends rock the hardest too, I think I'd die without my bitch club :).

And I finally wore out my super duper long dress!

I have no wedges/heels (my heels are all bitchy) for it so I settled for flat sandals, and it pretty much swept the floor. It was stepped on about 6 times total. Didn't care, loved it.


Thanks to all for the wishes! Birthday prayers included all of you in them :)

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