Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest Addiction: MAC Lipsticks

I'm addicted to MAC lipsticks! They're the uber prettiest and come in all sorts of shades and types for every skintone. HAPPY HAPPY.

I suffer from the uneven lip tone, where the top lip is darker than the bottom so the Amplified range pretty much solves that problem. Unlike the matte it's creamy and not as dry, yum. Not that I didn't get colours in their other range though. If it looks pretty, it looks pretty.

Oooh, being juvenile here, but they look like tampons heeeteeeheheheeeee.

I took a break after 6 straight hours of being holed up in the room rushing my assignment. Couldn't resist trying on me latest haul. Blankety on the lips, the most perfect nude colour EVER. Happy :) And I like the eye make-up, I say experiment is a yes way.

I only have 5, but trust me I'm on my way to becoming a lippie addict. I wanted to get another one, but I couldn't decide the colour and our stomachs were calling for Canale macaroons or macarons whatevs - of which I now totally buy into the hype. It's like chewy ice-cream, yum.

On a side note, my dance instructor told me that you could die from doing work for 8 hours straight.

Thanks bestie love *hugs and slobers disgusting nude kisses all over* :)
L to R : Blankety (Amplified), Frenzy (Frost), Viva Glam IV (Frost).

Viva Glam IV is such a gorgeous frosty red that's very buildable.
It looks so naturally right on me, it's almost scary.

Oh, and MAC Fix Plus (Fix+?) is an awesome awesome facial mist thing. It's the best I've tried ever. Refreshes, sets make-up, eliminates that cakey look from powders/mineral make-up and it smells soo good; I mean the stuff has green tea in it hullo.

For a bottle of wtf "energised" water it's a little pricey at $25, but tons of benefits and it'll last a lifetime.


Holscrap lost track of time and am late can't be late bye.


deep_in_vogue said...

would have to check them out!

Kim said...

you look beautiful!! soo grown up.. ive been reading your blog for some time now.. but decided to break my oath of silence to request a pic of you wearing viva glam IV..
ps- hope this is not too stalkerish!

Amplified said...

i'm a big fan of MAC too. Love their lipsticks.omg.they are the best.

Jen said...

That Blankety nude color looks amazinggg. I'm ordering it online right now. :-)

Anonymous said...

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