Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going straight

So I was wondering what sort of torture to inflict onto my hair, curl losing mojo and all, and in a split second of none-creativity, I got it straightened.

From this...
Yea I know you can't really see the curls either but it's a nice photo HAHA.
Lomography effect rocks.

To this.

Oooh. Check out how my hair colour pops with silky tresses.
I was supposed to have straight eye curtain bangs, but never mind.
And my hair has never ever been this long, so I'm quite happy :)

Next plan of action is to Anna Sui SS '08 it up.

I really love the hair on Irina Lazereanu, with peekaboo colour in her fringe.

But a muted purply colour would look understatedly awesome too.
But this colour is pretty hard to find in colour extensions. Hmm.

One of my qualms was that red hair extension would be a bitch to dress up for, and that I'd have to abandon colours. Not so, fortunately :)

I wear tons of purple, bluish, green, pinks, and black, shouldn't be a problem for me.

Giant chunks of crazy colour, sounds good, no?


Marcella said...

Your hair looks fabulous - before and after! You are lucky it has so much natural volume :)

christina said...

I really love both the before and after for your hair. They're both equally lovely in my opinion.

And great hair inspirations in Anna Sui models. They all would look great.

shen said...

Yo!!!!!!! Surprise~
I like e 1st photo!
So maganizinish..Vivi? JJ? :)

Sha said...

marcella: aw thanks! And nooo that's not natural volume! That's just tons of finger teasing prior to taking the photos. 5 minutes later it's flat as a pancake.

christina: thanks!

shen: SHEN! wait for me to add moles around the mouth then 100% Vivi haha!

mj said...

Hi you got your hair colored AND straightened at the same time? And by straighten do you mean rebonded?

Sha said...

Nope, coloured first. In singapore there's no more distinction between straightening and rebonding so yes, rebonded -_-.

new look women's clothing said...

I love your hair, it looks fabulous. I really like the second picture.
By the way, I love the black-red hair of Anna.