Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lomo Cams

It's a few days till the Songkran festival in Thailand and I can't believe I'm missing it. Just a few months ago my friends and I were seriously planning to make the trip, that is until we all got jobs [or stopped contacting me altogether *rolls eyes*].

I want to get a lomography camera, so I can have artsy, unpredictable, blurry [hence better-looking me] to scrapbook holiday trips.

I see a lot of stupid silly people who buy these manual analog babies just because of the hype and eventually sell them off online probably because they can't be bothered to trudge down to certain photo shops to develop and such.

My heart is pretty much set on the basic Holga that can be easily modified to my liking once I get used to its most primary form, but I wish it came with an underwater casing. Then I bring it along when I go caving/snorkelling. The underwater version thus far would be the frogeye but it's not modifiable.

Pink holgas would be so cool though, too bad it doesn't come in the super basic version.
Anyway, t's really huge, I like :).

DSLR what?

Fisheye - can purchase the underwater casing from The site is quite un-user friendly hence didn't do link-ups from there.
Nice site though.

I'm still researching on the Diana cam though.
It takes soft, dreamy photos I think.

Hmm hmm hmmm.

Wasn't this such a waste of your fashion-blog-post-expecting-time?! Anyway, I still don't understand why polaroid films are being discontinued. Boobooboobye.

[Lomo cams image credit: UrbanOutfitters]


X-Wen said...

I have Woca - kinda like a Holga. Yeah, I love taking photos and I think it's a novelty to develop and collect your prints. I'm also into B/W photography last time. Now, digital is just too convenient. Sigh.


Secretista said...

You make me want one too!

MR style said...

the second one is so cool !! or what about a leica ? maybe too expensive !! so im gonna keep my Canon 500D

Sha said...

Hey x-wen, yeeeah I'm pretty much just getting it for its novelty factor. Thanks for the Woca thing, just another cam to look out for!

secretista yes go get one! It's pretty much anyway haha.

hi mr style, keep your expensive Canon 500D! Can always manipulate digital photos to look lomography-ish.

日月神教-任我行 said...