Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ugly Vintage Sweater

The song was: Mercy - Duffy.

The supposed other Amy Winehouse with Aretha Franklin influences. Despite that, I like how she does not come across gimmicky.

The mood was: APATHETIC.

My solution for days that I don't care about would be to open my lookbook folder and eeny-meenie-mynie-moe-d one look while praying it's some crappy black dress, and then attempt to re-create it the next day.

This time it landed on this.

Betsey Johnson FW '08

The reason why this was in my lookbook folder at all was because I've been looking for anything with gun motifs, and since I can't find any, I intend to keep any photos I come across that reminisce of it.

So let's see, what do I have that can constitute as an ugly vintage sweater?

The inclination was:

Purple vintage blouse, black tank top, striped pencil skirt, giant white hoops, green pumps (no duh which are obviously unseen).

Mom's sweater blouse with a missing button.

Whoops, head and butt cut off. My usual photographer refused to be interrupted from her dramas.

Break it down now, yeaaah yeaaah yeaaah.