Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random Midnight Shopping

I was over at Mustafa Centre last night for some nowhere-else-opens-24h midnight browsing.

Adorable quirky evening clutches!

The bundle I was sooooo tempted to get.

I didn't, because I knew they'd be for unnecessary home decoration only, since I already have one for such a purpose -___-.

Big bags I still love :)

I also chanced upon these suits for boys!
I'd totally force my spawn to wear these everywhere.


Poshpalette said...

what are the price range of the outers?

lulu mae said...

i'd never thought of going to mustafa centre!
thanks for bringing it up!

the blazers coundn't be too expensive right?

Sha said...

didn't check the price, whoops :s

hey lulu mae, yes go hang out there! crazy midnight fun i tell you! heh. beware of people "accidentally" brushing against your backside -__-||

Nico. said...

I love when guys wear suits. Adn the ised or midnight shopping sounds like a lot of fun.