Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My next Threadless?

I was browsing favourite tshirt haunt Threadless and now I want this!

Wolf being all David Bowie-ish!

And I wish I was as any good in sewing as she is:

It looks even better as a skirt.


Kira Fashion said...


amazing blog and guitar!
lets exchange links?
i hope so,
a kiss and a hug,

Nico. said...

Thats a great shirt, and skirt.

Sha said...

Hey kira, of course :)

meiyi said...

hi there, when i saw the modified threadless tee, i can't help but direct you to my blog. I mod threadless tee :Confabulated Memory into a bag. It was such a delightful experience! Thread on my blog is titled 'that bag'.

Anonymous said...


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