Monday, January 14, 2008

Bowls for my Junk

My study table turn dressing table is extremely messy and I've finally began feeling irritated by it. So I'm going to do something about it [Mom: *rejoices*].

I'm unsure how to plan it out proper yet, but I do know I want bowls to contain all the mess in. I tried jewellery boxes, but that failed miserably because I'm too darn lazy to store them in the right compartments.

I've narrowed bowl decorative ideas down to these 3.

1) Graphic bowls.

Straight forward, just get bowls in differing designs.

2) Get bowls from the same series.
Bowls from the same line like these Confetti bowls look fun and put-together.
These confetti bowls are made from recycled plastic too, yay.

3) Get plain bowls from dullsville and arrange them on a funky tray.
Fuss-free white bowl on...

This one seems to appeal more to me because plain bowls are cheap, and a pretty tray/plate keeps them in line while spicing it up.

[Image credit: UrbanOutfitters]

Nine. Days. Left. To. Breathing.

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