Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Dress that hugged too much

Apologies for the lack of updates!

Been extremely busy! If I'm not doing the never-ending projects that had me up whole nights the past week, I'm busy catching up with friends that make me sane! Seriously.

I just came back from an overnighter with friends that left me 70cents poorer and in a few minutes I'm leaving the house again for a project meeting. Blleeehhh.

Anyway. here's some photos I totally forgot about.

I had a performance at Zouk a couple of weeks ago and I wore one of my many unworn dresses.

I was concerned that the dress was hugging my butt too much, so I actually wore pants under it before the performance. Little did I know my worry should have been focused more on my, uh, front since it was kinda exposed because the cloth kept creasing.. THERE.

I wore the second dress in this post, if you want to see its full version.

This is most unobvious photo I could find. Actually there are others but I like this one best because I don't look at my cunt first :)
Crazy photography, I honestly don't know how my friend could have taken this.

I did like my hair that was done in 10 seconds though.

I'll go find more interesting to blog about!
Like Japanese magazines and narcissistic artistic collages!

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