Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Pink Things

As if the title isn't warning enough, this is a super random post.

I realise that while I'm not an outwardly pink person, I do own a lot of pink paraphernalia and accessories.

Of course my pink T-10 camera.

Pink mouse.

My pink coin purse and card pouch.

Hell, even my shaver is embarassingly pink.

What incited this post? This device:

It's an eye massager that is USB-powered. And it is very pink.

I was just showing it to my mom at Action City and the next thing I knew I got it. Nonsense right, I know.

Told you this was a random post. And these are what I bothered to take photos of, I actually have more -_-.

I'm supposed to be doing a html frames webpage design at the moment and it's frustrating that 13 year olds can do a whole webpage waaaay better than I can.

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