Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dresses are LOVE.

I have some pent-up energy so I modelled the dresses I bought recently that were similar looking but they were darn cheap and I really really love them! Whee.

Just have to find an occasion to wear them out to though, not wearing pretty things to school x_x. Already have a couple of events booked for them, yay!

What? I think I'm a glam poser can.

Actually there're 2 more dresses, one is all pretty and chiffon the other is casual summery but I felt too lazy to change again.

Wetseal top came in the mail yesterday!

From the picture I was a little concerned that it might puff me up and make me look awkward, but when I got it I decided I didn't care since I need to shop and it was darn cheap.

Well. I daresay it fits me gorgeously :)


Moi said...

The wet seal top is hot!!

dianabobar said...

it does fit you perfectly!
and those bubble details at the arms are sweet. also the color is cute, not tooo pink but girlie enough!
Check out the last "Animal Print" photo shoot I did myself, posted on my blog, So FASH'on. Feedback is really appreciated.
That's where I learn from!!
Thanks and kisses,

Sha said...

Wheee yeah I know!

hey diana, will do that!