Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Turbans: What if?

Ever since Prada did the turban on the catwalk, I knew it was going to be trend and I knew I would never consider it.

But of course, I realise when it comes to fashion there's no such thing as "never consider".

Then I looked at the people on FaceHunter and saw other variations of the turban.

The atypical Prada version.

Ok so shift it a little to the side and leave a tail.

This one made me chuckle a little.
Her turban version looked like she did it with eyes closed and a "suck this, trendwhores" attitude, and maybe its the orange hair as well, but hell, it works.

In case you've not seen Topshop's turban...
Riiiggghht. At least I don't have to tie it on myself.

Know why I'm excited? Because while looking through my lookbook for a Prada turban I discovered a whole collection of past looks that are pretty pretty pretty!

I am beat. Past few days of attempting to squeeze work and frolick together have been tiring.

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The Stiletto Effect said...

I love turbans, alicebands, hairbands etc its an obsession :)