Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ed Hardy: Tacky or Street Art?

Ok, so the cap's not exactly for accessorising purposes, I just needed something I could hide my face under when I go out make-upless for the gym or something. I know, bimbotic -_-

Anyway. So the first thing that came to mind to me was Ed Hardy.

Thing is, when I first saw them I thought they were atrociously tacky. Their designs are what us Singaporeans would understand to be reminisce of the "beng"; local gangsters, if you will.

And it doesn't really help that later on I saw photos of Britney and K Fed wearing Ed Hardy.

But now that I am looking for a cap, and since Ed Hardy is the only cap brand I know that has an online shop I can browse through, I'm thinking "Heeeeyyyy maybe these aren't so bad after all".

It is expensive online. I wouldn't want to spend USD$90 on a cap, would I?

There's a store in Singapore, perhaps I'll go check them out.


Joyce said...

Mwah I'm not a cap fan, and these caps are hidious. Sorry..

Sha said...


Blah, now I realllllllyyy can't make up my mind :x

Moi said...

I like the tattoo-y or graffiti-y graphics, but I like them on Ed Hardy's shoes flats better.