Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vintage T-shirt Obsession

I want all of these and more from 80sTees!

Another Blondie tee perhaps? This one says "one way or another" at the back!

This one cracks me up, tee hee!
Batman is a hundred times better than Superman.
Because he's super rich and he has a utility belt, hello.

Muppets! Less annoying than Sesame Street!
And because I like this shade of purple.

Everybody loves Donatello! Right?
Actually I can't distinguish one turtle to the next but I do remember liking the one with the red eye mask thingy.
Anyway, nice print.

Ugly Betty! I don't watch every episode but I do know I like him a lot, whoever he is.

Awwww.... just slap me.

Gotta have one in every colour!

I notice a lot of people getting those Mr Men and Little Miss series.

Don't know what all the hype is for. It's cute, but not that fascinating.


lazee2blog said...

im thinking of buying one of the tees from 80stees, but im not so sure about the currency over thr and here in spore. i mean, if the price says $30, tts in US dollars right?

sorry if i sound like a gundu, but its my first time doing online shopping frm a non-local site.

The Stiletto Effect said...

80's tee's are a must have

ambika said...

The Muppets are and always will be rad.