Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just to get into the mood of things...

This is boboniaa and she lives in Bangkok.

Oh yeah, can you say supercharged?!

A couple more hours to go and it's hello to the Land of smiles, pretty ladyboys and mango sticky rice!

My attitude towards packing has been nothing but flippant - I'd rather blog ;p. Can always get supplies there what.

Till next week!


saleisha said... it ok if i take the first pictures for my school project which is the style page. I really like the way she dress..

saleisha said...

Don't worry i will credit the picture and your blog page.

Dee. said...

your blog rules.
link and comment mine?

Sha said...

saleisha: the pics are not of me nor are they mine, kindly credit the owner, link is on the post. good luck for the project!

dee: omg. commented. haha.

yanling said...

I love that oversized clutch! ^^