Monday, May 26, 2008

Get-Away Styles #1

How can I NOT think of holidays?!

According to GAP's designer, Patrick Robinson, these are the must-haves in your luggage.

1) Maxi dress
2) Classic shirt
I love these button shirts for shopping trips because they're easy to change out of and into.

Only one thing though, I have yet to find one that does not require ironing -__-.

3) Floral print Cami
4) Cargo ShortsGAP said they have a slim as opposed to a bulky fit. Really? Hmmm.

And throw in your swimmies, a weekender's tote, lightweight scarf for chilly nights and flip flops.

Heads up, a lot of online sites are having swimsuit sales! My bestie and I splurged on them for our confirmed yet not confirmed holiday trip. Can't wait for them to arrive *rubs palms together*.

I have about one and a half more months to make my plans concrete! When I told my friends I get only 2 reactions: sceptical ones and enthusiastic I-wanna-tag-along ones. For now the sceptical ones are reaaalllyyy beginning to prove their point -__-.