Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little bit of Gingham on my Swimmies

Long story short, laptop was sent for servicing, fully re-formatted, now in the process of uploading things - mostly iPod matters, so troublesome tsk.

Recently I've been having quite silly little arguments with my parents, mostly over the issue of surviving versus living. No duh which I was strongly advocating.

Tsks the generation gap.

Anyway remotely relating and because of the unbelievably humid + hot weather nowadays, I really like these retro gingham swimsuits from ever-faithful UrbanOutfitters.

Plaid is getting a little tiresome, but I still like them on swimsuits :)



I am so bored of work! I mean I'm kept very busy and all, but it's very dreary! I don't know how people can stand working in one place for 10 years unless they're their own boss.

And the most awesomest dinner with my girls, it's been a while since ALL of us could make it :)


Secretista said...

LOVE the bathingsuit.

Kira Fashion said...

so nice adds and i hope you get back what you lost :)

a kiss