Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitty Tees

Oh yea, I got a flu jab today! Needles don't scare me that much anymore!

Why is it that I can't find any of these cat tees around?!

Curses we don't have a thrift shop culture here.

Facehunter Rocks.

This by the way, is a great great photo. She has this soft focusing about her that's perfect for the backdrop. Click to enlarge.

And I love her haircut. I think it's the heat that's making boy cuts so appealing.


1) I got the shock of my life when my iPod froze and wouldn't turn on. Thank goodness for Apple's online support.

2) I was going to transfer a bunch of images from my camera that I could post of, until I realise I haven't downloaded Photoshop yet. How am I suppose to re-size and crop my images? Frustrating.

Technology sucks, can we stick to like, magic or something?


Kira Fashion said...

the looks are really great, they rock!

i hope you get better soon of your flu :)

and about technology, sometimes i have the same problems...modern life, baby! hehehe

a kisss!!!!

love your ideassss

see you!

fashion* CHALET said...

Your blog rocks.
Love the style!!

ok_jk said...

Hey :)

Started reading your blog recently.

Anyways, about resizing and cropping images... there's a Microsoft powertoy that works really well and is a relatively small program that you can download onto your computer. Unless you use Adobe for other editing tools, if you only need to resize and crop, then go w/ Microsoft!

It's called Image Resizer:

Click on the link, download the toy, and then you're done! To use it, all you have to do is rightclick on a photo, then resize to what size you want! :)

Anyways, thanks for the post :). The cat tees are cute haha.

Sha said...

helloooos! Thanks bunches :)

ok_jk : i have photoshop, just can't seem to get round to installing it -__-. thanks anyway!

fashion* CHALET said...

I love cats, so you can only imagine how much I dig this trend. :)
ps: thanks for your comment on my blog!