Friday, September 14, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: Marc Jacobs

I noticed a lot more gowns and dresses in the Marc Jacobs collection this time round. And I say, he should continue to make them.

I love this slip dress with the weird sequinned-metal material, it's colour confusion, and the neck cowl.

Marc Jacobs don't do perfect gowns but I'd choose this pretty gothic fairytale deconstructed dress anytime.

Something sexier but still capturing the Marc Jacob quirkiness.

Probably a day version of the previous gown.

And then there were the separates which were more trendy retro chic than quirky sophistication.

My most favourite look: Marc Jacobs, newly hot-tified, recently un-nerd-ified.

Wonders of a haircut, a little workout and rehab.
Now if we could just un-gay-ify him...

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