Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hairspray my hair BIG!

Hairspray was awesome!

It was so much fun and happy that you leave the theaters trying to recall the lyrics of the catchy songs. And then in the toilet you immediately attempt one of the dance moves which involves some butt smacking.

And so are the wardrobe. Gorgeous circle dresses, awfully cute preppy ensembles, hell, take me back to the 60s!

Amanda Bynes' dress in the closing scene was probably my favourite out of the whole movie. I couldn't find a full length movie still anywhere. It has metal links near the bottom and a matching mini cape.

Circle dresses were everywhere! Brittany Snow also seems to get the prettiest dresses, though that's most probably because you don't really pay attention to what the rest of the cast are wearing.
Another thing I loved were the ballet pumps worn throughout the movie.

[Source: Google Images]

I'm embarrassed to say Zac Efron made me melt.
Every time he came on screen you can hear audible sighs and coos - mostly from me and my girlfriend and these two other girls behind us -_-.
He was so dashing that even the scene of him eating a spoilt chocolate bar while singing his love to Tracy Turnbald's photo was freakishly romantic.

To end off, exam results are out, don't know if I should be disappointed since the grades are more or less what I've expected but I've never seen that much C's. Bah, at least my GPA is still above 3, though just barely.

Back to SS 08! I just flipped through Anna Sui's and Gwen Stefani's collection and I was excited!

I want more dresses. More more more dresses :(

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