Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: Giles

If anything this show was confusing. It's all over the place with nature and tea party themes.

The show opened with a stiff denim dress and the last thing I expected was flowy gorgeous gowns and silk t-shirt dresses.

Although I can't quite grasp the concept Giles Deacon is trying to bring across, I can't deny that this is one gorgeous collection. This collection also mostly consists of beautifully tailored dresses, making this yet another favourite Spring collection.

With the kind of fabric and print in the collection, one could easily go overboard. But everything here is played in right proportion, so outfits like these turn out slightly eccentric yet still very wearable.

This has to be about my favourite piece out of the collection. I'm not sure whether it's just the cheekiness of the fox ear-ed head ornament, but I love the dress all the same.

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