Monday, September 24, 2007

Fashion is Obsession

I'm a happy bunny because in a span of 2 days I have 4 new dresses altogether! Whee. I was suppose to be looking for jeans 2 days ago but I found 2 dresses instead. Later on my ebay dress came in the mail! And today I found another perfect dress to add to my collection, it is JOY. I'll post photos soon!

Besides that my new timetable rocks!!!

Ok here are my current obsessions:

1. Dresses, obviously.

Many many dresses! I think the types of dresses I want are limitless, but from photos that I like, I'm thinking I like the whole chiffon vintage thing.

Erin Fetherston

2. Nude pumps

[Getty Images]

These would be perfect, although with the price tag it better be.
This are quite some time ago so unfortunately I can't pinpoint the source of these images, oops :x
Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

3. Grey Jeans

Not just any ol' grey jeans, I want those that are only slightly tapered and it has to be stretchy, since I want it to be mighty comfortable. Which is difficult since the skinny jeans isn't about to die anytime soon and popular as ever.

Honestly do not know what kind of cutting I'm looking for, so I simply searched for 'grey jeans' on shopbop -_-||

4. Vintage suitcases

Or briefcases, whichever. I want them for cheap, too, so I'm still scouring Ebay.

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