Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: Fashion Week Scene

Oh yay fashion week has begun.

I was going to look through the shows but The Sartorialist's genius street wear shots at distracted me so.

Carine Roitfield, editor of French Vogue.
Love her style, she always manage to look chic and polished without being too meticulous.
What's the word now, oh right: Effortless.
And she smiles for photos too, I heard Anna Wintour's eyes glow scarlet red beneath those shades *shudder*.

Why hello Rachel Zoe, haven't seen you since that Nicole brat fired you.
I suppose her skin-and-bones advocation should be bad... but the woman knows what she's doing.
Her boho style works for her.

Other people I don't know who dress equally fab:

Another boho look but not as outwardly.
Love her Miumiu bag, and if I'm not mistaken those platforms are Prada's?
Anywho I'd kill for them.

Oh yeah, leather black hi-tops are love.
I know I just got myself the nerd glasses, but I like her grandpa square glasses as well.
Bah, I'll probably get shades from Fred Flare.

I didn't like overalls before but lately I've been looking at shirt overalls to pull off this exact Safari-like feel.

LV Carry-alls! Within a week, 2 people I know got LV Speedy's! *off to work on speech for mother about how worthy an investment the Speedy is*

Bah, what's the big deal. Besides I'm young! I should get Miu miu! Or Marc Jacobs! Or or JPG!

Or Louis Vuitton *drools*...

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