Friday, September 07, 2007

Just Close your Eyes and Bid for Charity

Local celebrity + 1 international celebrity designed shoes on ebay! The proceeds go to some charity for young entrepreneurs.

And yeeeeaaaaah, apparently nobody likes the designs [or the celebrity] that much. No surprise though, they should all stick to their day jobs.

It is soooo strange that nobody has placed a bid on Click 5's shoes yet. Sure, maybe their idea of a coveted design are their, uh, exclusive signatures but come on, they're Click 5!

Speaking of which, I think their new vocalist is a much better fit. The previous guy's nasally pretty pop voice annoyed the hell out of me.

Out of all the designs I saw, the only one I liked was Ben Yeo's, and his was the most minimalistic -_-.

His also has the most bids so far.

May and Choy were great on 881, but their designs surprised me. And not in a very good way.

May designed this.
This is not bad, but girl, TAME IT DOWN.
There's just too much of everything that it looks tacky.

This on the other hand was designed by Choy.

This wouldn't be so bad if I could take my eyes off the horrific absolutely unnecessary pink puff. Apparently it "adds life and vibrancy".
Right, I suppose the bright turquoise and elaborate multi-coloured Chinese motifs are not attention-seeking enough.

But still, at least theirs was more tolerable. When I saw the pair designed Julian Hee, I literally fell off my chair before experiencing seizures from the mere ugliness of it.

Behold the blasphemy:

Blood-curdling AAAAAAH!!!
Puppies?!! Curly Fur?!!! Puppies?!! Couple puppies?! PUPPIES?! SERIOUSLY?!

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