Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I feel extremely lethargic today for some reason. I dozed off a lot and made tons of mistakes during driving. At least I'm only slightly richer having taken my pathetic paycheck today.

Anyway, favourite designer 3.1 Phillip Lim first.

This season he's included more texture and shapes whilst still retaining that minimalistic feel. His effort is quite apparent because I spot a little bit of redundancy here and there, especially in the accessories. I preferred the previously more cleaner, straightforward look.

The Cocktail Dresses

Orange and pleats; cute for a fun dinner party, perfect for a high-tea picnic frolic.
I would have preferred this outfit without the pearl necklace though.

Again, I'd love it more if there was no necklace.
This time, the necklace really distracts from the strap design and the overlapping bust bandeau detail.

The Floor-Sweeping Dresses

I still have a thing for long dresses, probably because I don't own one yet. This floor-sweeping collection mainly consists of more pleats, draping and some billowing.

The Blazers/Jackets

Easily my favourite outfit, no surprise since 1) I love the khaki trench coat against the whiteness of the Aladdin pants and wide tie and the shoes, 2) Irina Lazereanu is modelling it, 3) it is the opening show outfit.

Michael Jackson jacket softened with a paler shade of salmon red.
Love it.

Blazers! An oversized men's one too. Still can't find the perfect oversized one :(.
I love the shoes, the mini dress but I do not love the necklace.

The Tuxedo is such a classic for both man and woman.
And I love satin lapels, gives it dimension besides upping its chi-chi factor.

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