Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ready for some Jelly

I think I may have succumbed to the quiet alluring powers of... the Jelly shoes aka Gummy shoes.

When Marc Jacobs first created shoes out of jelly I thought it was okay, but very passable. Then I saw a lot of replicas and my mind completely shut out the jelly shoes.

Marc Jacobs Jelly Ballet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep-Toes

He also made Gladiator sandals using the, uh, jelly but those are just ugly.

Not that I thought they were ugly [except the gladiator sandals], I simply thought nothing of it and immediately assumed it's probably painful and I'll end up with stinky feet because the entire shoe is made out of suffocating plastic.

But recently I've been looking through the many sprees selling these shoes for extremely cheap. Instead of bombing more than $100 on the Marc Jacobs ones I could get them for less than $10.

And then people I don't know were giving good reviews about them.

And then people I know also raved about its comfort and proudly exclaiming they have several other pairs in different colours.

And everyone says they don't stink.

So you know what, I think I'm bought.

I bought the Crocs Prima hoping for comfortable casual shoes but that was a long-run fluke. These are waaaaay cheaper and look so non-fussy that you could probably wear them with anything you want.

I, too, have decided that I want to feel pretty in a dress and transparent jelly shoes.

I quite like the netted design, like those from Urban Outfitters.

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